When the force awakens

This evening I’m watching Star Wars, The Force Awakens. I’ve seen it before. My daughter and I watched it when it opened. Spoiler Alert! I’m about to reveal a part of the story so if you haven’t watched it (who hasn’t though) maybe you shouldn’t read on. Anyway, the climax of the story is right after the death of Han Solo (hey I warned you!). The rebels are struggling to destroy the Oscillator. Chewy sets the bombs off but the Oscillator is not completely destroyed only damaged. Po and his fighter group make another run for it once they realize the bomb has gone off and finish the Oscillator – the planet starts breaking apart. The rebels are victorious once again!

But, what’s the important lesson here? Why did I just tell you about this movie? What am I saying to you? You should be a rebel?

No. What I’m telling you is that if at first, you don’t succeed, try…. try…. again. The rebels never give up. Even though the odds seem insurmountable they keep trying to defeat the Empire or in this case the First Order.

Marketing your book may be the same thing. It may seem overwhelming but you can’t let that sink you. You have to keep trying and if that doesn’t work – try another approach.

I listened to a podcast a while back about the marketing an author did for a children’s book about fly fishing. It was called Down by The River. The author used LinkedIn and some pretty unconventional methods that were highly successful to market his book. If you have some time you should listen to it, it’s great. The podcast is linked here.

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When the force awakens
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Steve Guidetti

Steve Guidetti

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